Colored denim – you either love it, or you fear it. Do not fear the color – embrace it. Different hues of denim afford you numerous outfit opportunities that work better than with basic blue. Give colored denim jeans, jackets and skirts a try with one of the following looks.

Casual Friday

Colored jeans can kick up your Friday look. Pair denim jeans in a dark color such as green or burgundy with a classic white button-down. Throw a vest on top for an 80s vibe, or keep it business with a muted blazer. Ballet flats are de rigueur for this look.

Feminine Chic

Select denim in a feminine color such as pink or peach, and you have the basis for a chic girly look. If it's a colored jean jacket you find, mix it with white pants and a floral shirt. Otherwise, start with the jeans, and add a top with small print that echoes the color. To keep the look modern, slip your feet into heels the exact same hue as the denim. Throw on lots of colorful and jangly jewelry to complete the ensemble.

Inner Animal

Red, coral or chocolate jeans make the perfect foil for an animal-print top. Because you're matching two bold pieces, colored denim and animal print, it's imperative to keep the rest of the look neutral. Select a pair of boots in the neutral shade of the animal print, and limit jewelry to one large piece or two small pieces. So, either opt for the statement earrings, or subtle earrings and a single bangle.

Sports Fan

Gone are the days of female sports fans throwing on a slouchy jersey over a pair of boyfriend jeans. Instead, use a colored denim skirt to make your game day look feminine. Select one of your team's colors for the denim skirt, and pair it with a women's team top. Add boots or sneakers, and pile on the bangles for an outfit that can take you from the game to the bar afterwards.

Color Blocking

According to Cosmopolitan, color blocking offers a fresh look for colored denim. Pair your jeans with a top and a jacket of different but solid colors. For instance, a cool Miami vibe comes from aqua jeans, a mint top and a citrus jacket. Throw on a pair of beige heels or flats, but omit the rest of your accessories except a pair of signature sunglasses.

Low Contrast

Start with a pair of pastel jeans, such as mint or powder blue, and top them with a camel-colored sweater for low-contrast chic. All your accessories, from boots to purse to earrings, should be variations of the same neutral color. This look is probably the easiest way to try on the colored denim trend.

Pastel, deep brown, gray, green – denim comes in any color you can imagine. Find a pair of jeans, a skirt or a jacket in a color you love, and use that piece as the starting point for a unique, flattering outfit.