When you buy items for resale at wholesale prices for your salon, you benefit in many ways. You get to buy your inventory at a great price, and your profit margin potentially goes up because you can mark up prices for your customers without making items seem too costly. While some items are hard to find at wholesale prices or require you to make a large monetary purchase in order to take advantage, there are other inventory items your salon can use that are always worth the wholesale investment. Here are 3 items you should always buy wholesale for your salon.

Waxing Supplies

You will want to buy waxing supplies wholesale for a few reasons. Firstly, your salon staff will be able to take advantage of the discounted supplies when they do eyebrow, bikini, and underarm waxes for your clients. You can keep costs for waxing the same, keeping your profits very positive in your salon's favor as a result. Secondly, if you offer waxing supplies for clients to purchase for maintenance in between appointments, you can offer wholesale wax strips and other supplies at a slight discount so your salon makes money even when there is no appointment set.

Manicure supplies

Foil, polish remover, base coats, and main colors can all be purchased in wholesale lots to save your salon money and always keep your inventory stocked healthily. If you find your salon with a surplus of inventory due to buying wholesale manicure items in a certain color or design, you can get rid of your inventory by doing occasional 'specials' or discounts to bring in customers since your initial investment is so low. You can also choose to sell individual polishes or other supplies to your customers if items purchased wholesale are listed as OK to sell individually so you can restock on new items.

Human hair

Human hair, bought in bulk, is great for creating extensions, custom wigs, and other styles that your customers can enjoy. Since human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, buying wholesale can help offset the costs you pass on to customers, making your selection more attractive for clients wanting to try something new. If possible, try to buy human hair in bundles that come from a single donor so you have the best quality of wholesale hair to pass on to your clients.

Buying wholesale supplies for your salon, from waxing items to real human hair, is a great way to make money for your salon while keeping customers happy. Try to buy wholesale as much as you can to experience as much cost-savings as possible on items you use every day.