Too long has the wedding industry been focused on the bride.  Sure, we'll give her credit for the months of tasting frostings and hand-selecting peonies while you gave a chipper thumbs-up from the couch.  But it's your wedding too.  And while she gets to strut her old, blue, and borrowed stuff down the aisle, you also deserve to look your best.  Here are five rentable tuxedo accessories to keep at least one eye on you during the big day.

#1: The Cummerbund

Worn by James Bond and Indian tribal warriors alike, the cummerbund is the ultimate symbol of the understated tough guy.  This waist-sash may seem simple enough, but keep in mind there is actually a right way and wrong way to wear one.  All cummerbunds should be worn with pleats facing down and with the center matching the beltline and the top hitting the navel.  Keep it classic with black or grey, or go crafty with color (but nothing too promlike).  And make sure it matches the tie!

#2: Ruffles

No, we're not talking Dumb and Dumber.  Ruffled tuxedo shirts can be a great vintage statement for the everyday man.  Try small ruffles to hint your playful side or larger ruffles for a bolder look.  But please refrain from any distracting colors -- the texture has just enough funk in itself.  Save the "funny guy" routine for the dance floor.

#3: Cufflinks

Cufflinks can say a lot about a man, whether they're encrusted in diamond or hand-me-down sentimentality.  The best part is they're small enough to go with any outfit.  Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes:  Silver, gold, stone, monogrammed, plain, jaguar-shaped, and so on.  Wear what's close to your heart.

#4: A Single Rose

Classic.  Romantic.  Remember to get it fresh on the day and remove all thorns (Bandages are not an accessory).  Then pin it to your lapel or slip it in your pocket.  Even better, present it to the bride on the dance floor and watch her glow.

#5: Sweat Guards

A must for all grooms.  No matter how confident you are, you will be feeling butterflies on the big day, and there's no look worse than armpit sweat stains.  Invest in some quality stick-on sweat guards that won't leave a residue on your rental shirt.  Refresh as needed.  And don't fidget!  Remember, your wedding is the time of your life.  And after all, it's really all about the girl.