When you're choosing your wedding ring, you are theoretically making a fashion statement that will stick with you for your entire life. You might not be satisfied with the basic wedding rings that are currently in style because many different brides will have them. Here are some ideas for more interesting rings that will be able to capture your personal style. 

1. Redo a Vintage Ring

A cool wedding ring idea is to find a vintage ring that fits your style and then refinish it so that it looks like it's new. It's possible to take the wire core of any ring and have a jeweler cover it in the precious metal of your choice, whether it's gold, silver, or platinum.

One popular type of vintage ring is one that has a metal flower. You can plate this metal flower in gold and then fill in the center of the flower with diamonds or other precious stones. This very pretty, unique ring will set you apart from all of the other brides this season.

2. Use Rose Gold

Rose gold is a more unusual type of material for a wedding band. This type of gold has a slight pink hue that will allow your ring to stand out from all of the others. You might have to have a ring specially ordered, but you can also search online wedding ring forums to find dealers that specialize in rose gold rings.

3. Have the Band Made Out of Lots of Tiny Ones

Another way to make your wedding ring stand out is to have the band be made up of many different, smaller bands. If these bands are not perfectly smooth, then you will be able to achieve the look of tree branches that are encircled around your finger. This is a more abstract ring that has a freer form than most traditional wedding bands. If you like this type of ring but can't find a dealer that sells it, ask you jewelry deal to suggest more rings that do not have as rigid a form.

4. Get a Sapphire Ring

A very simple way to avoid looking like every other bride is to get a ring that doesn't have diamonds, like most wedding rings. Instead, get a ring that has a bright blue sapphire. You can get a simple band, but by embellishing it with the unexpected blue color, you can set yourself apart.

For more ideas, talk to local jewelers like Goldmark Jewelers.