A vintage fur coat is a fabulous addition to any wardrobe. Whether your coat was passed down from a relative or you found it in a second-hand store, if the coat is older it may be showing signs of wear and tear. Don't put off repairing your coat as this could shorten its life span immensely. Some repairs you may be able to do yourself at home while others are better left to a professional furrier (such as one from Hinsdale Furriers). Read on for tips on home repair and what repairs to leave to a pro.

Home Repair

Light Stains

If your coat has a few spots here and there, you can mix up a solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Apply to the stain and blot. Repeat until stain is lightened or is completely removed.

Small Tears

Fur and the skin it is attached to are difficult to sew through with a standard sewing needle. If you want to fix a tear on your coat, purchase a heavy-duty needle that is made for leather or upholstery. Be sure to pick up thick and strong thread as well that is made out of cotton or silk as other threads may tear through the leather. Fur is best sewn from the inside and easily hides stitches in its texture.

Faint Odors

Hang up your coat with a garment bag placed over it. In the bottom of the garment bag, put a cup or two of coffee beans. Leave the coat for a few days, then check to see if the offensive odor has dissolved. Repeat until smell is gone.

Stiff Leather

If the skin that the fur is attached to seems stiff and dry, you can condition it yourself as long as it doesn't seem to be peeling or dry rotting. Mix up a solution of olive oil and white vinegar. Wipe the skin down until it is cleaned and conditioned.

Professional Repair

Brittle or Peeling Skin (Leather)

If the leather is flaking at all, it is best to take it in to a professional furrier for repair and conditioning. They may suggest replacing the lining. If the fur is in good condition, this is a worthwhile investment.

Bald Spots and Insect Damage

If your coat is missing hair in places, a furrier can replace the bald patch with the appropriate fur. If the damage is due to an insect attack, a professional can diagnose and destroy your critter problem.