Buying a new wig is an amazing feeling. A new wig restores the confidence lost when you start to lose your hair. Though wigs that use human hair are better in many ways than synthetic hair, they are more high maintenance when it comes to care. In purchasing a new wig, there are a few guidelines that you have to go by in order to get the most out of your money and so you don't get disappointed by getting something you don't want. Below is a list of tips you should follow to get the most out of your new set of luscious locks.

Don't Over Wash It

Wigs made from human hair don't have to be washed as often as the hair that grows on your head. Generally, wigs should only be washed after you have worn it about ten times. You also have to take your environment into consideration. Is it humid where you are? If you live in a place with high humidity, you will have to wash it more often than most. If you over wash your wig, it can fall apart quickly and start to look dingy and coarse. So, if your wig is still manageable and it smells nice, don't worry about washing it.

Brush It Before Washing It

When it is time to wash your wig, brush out all of the tangles first. You can't brush out the tangles when your wig is wet because it will just rip out the hair. You can use simple detangler if you have knots that seem hard to get out. Rinse the wig out in cool water and then apply the shampoo, just as you would if it were your real hair. When you rinse the wig, be sure that all of the hair is flowing in one direction so you don't have to worry about tangles. Let it dry naturally. Stay away from the blow dryer and hot water. These two things will cause damage.

Don't Dye It

Some people buy a lighter shade when they purchase wigs assuming that they can just dye it if the color doesn't look right. This is not the case. In fact, dying a wig made from human hair will ruin your wig. The majority of human hair wigs can't be dyed because of all of the chemicals and heavy processing that goes into making them. There are wigs that can be re-dyed, however, they are low in quality and are prone to early signs of damage and have a more coarse texture to them. Be sure you are buying the color you want. If need be, you can always buy more than one. This is give you options.

Human hair wigs gives you back that confidence that you need when you start to lose your hair. Though they are better in quality than synthetic hair, they come with more responsibility. Following the tips listed above you will be able to add years and beauty to your new found confidence.

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