Are you interested in hair extensions but afraid that they may look unnatural? There are many tips that you can use to get natural looking hair extensions for your next event or for daily wear. 

Razor Cut the Extensions Once Placed

Once your hair extensions have been placed, have your hairdresser (or a friend) razor cut them. This will "rough up" the edges of the hair extensions to help them blend in more with your natural hair. Razor cutting is usually better than trimming with scissors, especially for synthetic extensions -- it's less likely to warp or damage the strands in an inauthentic way. If your extensions are designed to increase volume, you may want to cut them a little shorter than your natural hair. If they are designed to give length, you may want to cut them to a variety of lengths.

Tease Your Hair 

Teasing your hair with the extensions already in will blur the line between your hair and the extension, in addition to making the extension more secure. You can tease your hair next to your scalp to build volume and then part your hair to the side, smoothing your natural hair over the additions. 

Curl Your Extensions 

Putting a gentle curl in your extensions along with your own hair will make your hairstyle look far more natural. Most extensions start out straight or will curl away from your hair. Have your stylist curl the different kinds of hair together.  Only human hair extensions can be curled this way, which is one of many reasons why human hair extensions are usually better looking. Synthetic extensions can sometimes be styled with the use of gels and sprays, but usually only once. If it's an event, such as a wedding or a prom, it may be worth it.

Avoid Coloring

Artificial coloring is usually a bad idea when it comes to hair extensions. Even if you have natural hair extensions, they aren't likely to dye to the same shade as your natural hair, because there are differences in thickness and chemical construction. Instead of coloring your hair together, you should choose hair extensions that are already as close as possible to your natural shade. 

An expert stylist can give you more input regarding your hair extensions. In general, natural hair extensions look far more authentic than synthetic extensions, and can be washed and styled just like your own hair. The more you are able to "live" with your extensions, the more natural they will appear.